Thursday, April 18, 2013

Abdul Noah Mansaray - First in Accounting and Finance

This morning, I received the following note from one of our young stars, Abdul Noah Mansaray.  Many young people in Sierra Leone finish their secondary education well into their early twenties but due to his diligence and intelligence, Abdul Noah finished at 16.  He was fortunate to gain sponsors from among EducAid's friends and went straight up to Fourah Bay College.  The youngest in his class but emerging at the top, this is what he has to say for himself:

Throughout my educational career I have worked hard to prove myself as a responsible, capable and dedicated student. Receiving this award just crowned it all…
I entered Fourah Bay College in 2008 with a well structured and positive mindset gotten from my Alma Mater ‘EducAid’.
Fourah Bay College is an institution that is blessed with academic professors and doctors who acquired their educational qualifications from renowned universities in the UK, US and other European countries.
But sadly, the numerous challenges that are embedded in this once ‘Athens of West Africa’ will attempt to impair your ambition of acquiring academic success before even starting a course. An institution where ICT fees are paid but you will never have access to a desktop not to say Laptop or access to Internet facility, development fees are paid yet some students will have to stand to take lectures etc.
My friends in my class called me and Tamu ‘computer wizards’ with just the little knowledge we have in ICT, so in times of Research related assignments they had to come around us begging to help them out because for them to even  open  a web page seemed very difficult. So we count ourselves blessed.
The access that I had to computers from an early stage as a young boy in Group 2 in EducAid, which our friends never had, helped me faced some of these challenges.
This served as an inspiration to me, despite these inadequacies I worked proficiently to achieve my dream of becoming a responsible Accountant.
As it is said, the reward for hard work is success; I led my class with a 1:1 in Accounting and Finance. The University of Sierra Leone in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Ltd presented me an award for an outstanding Academic Performance at a banquet in Freetown.
I must admit that this achievement would not have been possible if not for the strong academic and moral foundation that I got from EducAid. I THEREFORE DEDICATE THIS AWARD ‘TO THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME’ (EducAid).

We are very proud of Abdul Noah and wish him every success in all he does going forwards.  Congratulations and Good Luck!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EducAidian University of Sierra Leone graduates - April 2013

A big day for 7 EducAidians as they graduated from the University of Sierra Leone on Saturday, 6th April.  After years of effort and overcoming some significant difficulties within the institution, they have emerged successful and triumphant.  Lives and futures are transformed by education which opens doors so significantly for them.  But they are the luck ones.  So many were unable to appear on the day, despite having applied themselves in the same way.  A last minute additional 'Convocation Fee' of Le 2 million (around £340) was suddenly imposed.  Those unable to pay did not graduate and will have to pay an additional late fee to ever receive their degrees.

Education is for the privileged in Sierra Leone.  It has ever been thus but what a tragedy that still in 2013, equality of access is so low down the priority list for the government.

However, we are delighted on their successful completion to congratulate:

1. Musa Sallieu Kamara second class with honours in Pharmacy - College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences
2. Abdul Noah Mansaray First class with honours in Accounting and
Finance - Fourah Bay College
3. Bockarie Tamu third class general in Accounting and Finance - Fourah Bay College
4. Kumba Sippo Masters degree - Fourah Bay College
5. Mabinty Sesay second class with honours in Financial services - Institute of Public Administration and Management
6. Mealo S Alieu division II in Financial Services - Institute of Public Administration and Management
7. Amadu Sow division II in Public Sector Management - Institute of Public Administration and Management

We wish them every success as they move forwards now into their working lives and encourage them to remember those following behind in their footsteps and the importance of their example.

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