Thursday, January 24, 2013

Great to have an update from Issa Fowai in China

A year gone by one and half left to finish my course. The civil engineering course itself is difficult, but the language (Chinese) makes it more difficult. Thanks to Gaza for giving us a stronger foundation, in mathematics and physics and Ndola for teaching me the basics about computers. With these I still get to top the class. No single lesson is taught in English. Next year around this time I will be writing my thesis in Chinese, challenging but fun. Sometimes Life is very hard here too, even though we get allowance every month, but you end up spending it on water rates, light bills, insurances and field trips, and each year you have to pay huge amount of money for resident permit. So even before the next allowance you are broke. They still call it full scholarship though.
The winter holiday here can be quite boring. You can’t go out because it’s extremely cold. I guess surviving this harsh weather is one of the few things we can’t learn from EducAid. Coping with it though. I was thinking of doing ice skiing but that didn’t work either. I have to take the advanced level of the Chinese proficiency test in March, which involves money. The good news is the first time you take the exam you pay less, the bad news is you pay a huge amount if you attempt it for the second time. I took the elementary level exam back in 2010 when I finished learning the first round of Chinese, it was compulsory. Now this school is asking for a higher level certificate before I finish my course in 2014 which I’m planning to take in March, but the money is too much. I have to learn 2500 Chinese characters, so this holiday I’m stuck in my room with these characters. I will be missing the annual Sierra Leone students’ convention is in February, which I have to pay a fine for. The workload is heavy, but God bless EducAid for teaching us to work harder. Health is okay.
On the other hand, extracurricular activities are going well. When I think about the holistic programs, I miss EducAid more. I hear we even have more holistic programs now and that’s just great. Glad to hear about Alpha and Moinina going to Morocco to further their studies. My team won the foreign students indoor championships a few weeks back and I’m one of the two foreign students to be called in the school athletics team.  

My deepest sympathy. The memory of Mr. SSDEMs will go on forever in my heart. As a student I really never understood his principles, but those principles were principles to success, principles to inspire. After working one year as a junior staff alongside him, I got to know how inspiring his principles were. Having that honor to work with him is a treasure I will always cherish. We all know how wonderful he was. We was a good teacher, father, advisor, leader and a good story teller. The only source of knowledge is experience and SSdems was my source of experience. It was a tragic news knowing that I will never get the chance to meet this great man again and even my kids. But his ideas, I will cherish forever. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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